Hi, I’m George P. Bush and I’m running for Texas Land Commissioner.

I’m doing so because I believe that we can build the Texas of tomorrow starting today. And a good place to start is in energy. Texas is a rich resource of energy and currently leads the nation in oil production on both our public and private lands. We must increase the production of our own energy within our own borders; most notably natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, and in the medium to long term, renewables.  This is vital to our economic future and national security.

As land commissioner I will support the responsible stewardship of our resources and the reasonable drilling of oil and natural gas on our public lands. We can and we should do both. The days of false choices between protecting the environment on one side and promoting job creation is over. Here in Texas we are going to take care of our resources and take care of our people at the same time.

Second, we’re going to fight excessive federal regulation. Too often too many regulations from Washington D.C. have been passed that make little to no sense at all. So we’re going to fight back, and we’re going to fight back hard here in the state of Texas. So my goal for our state is that we once again become the energy leader of the world. Nothing more, and nothing less.